Current DSL Pricing (All DSL prices include GST)

We offer a full range of DSL broadband services backed up by many years of experience in the NZ Internet Industry. All DSL connections are 'Full Speed' in both standard and naked dsl. Standard DSL requires an existing analog phone line, Naked DSL does not require any existing analog phone service. All DSL accounts include up to 5 pop accounts (mailboxes) as ''

PlanDescriptionData CapPrice
Standard 100Standard DSL 100Gb Max/Max100GB$79.00
Standard 200Standard DSL 200Gb Max/Max200GB$99.00
Standard 400Standard DSL 400Gb Max/Max400GB$119.00
Naked 100Naked DSL Urban/Rural 100Gb Max/Max100Gb$99.00
Naked 200Naked DSL Urban/Rural 200Gb Max/Max200Gb$119.00
Naked 400Naked DSL Urban/Rural 400Gb Max/Max400Gb$139.00
Standard VDSL 100Standard VDSL 100Gb Max/Max100Gb$126.44

Installation fees (if applicable)Charge
Transfer from another provider (you already have DSL with another company)$99.00
New Connection (you already have wiring but don't have DSL)$99.00
New Connection & Wiring (a technician will visit to install wiring & jackpoint)$199.00
Cancellation of order prior to completion (change of mind after placing order)$130.00
Early Termination if cancelled within 12 months$199.00

All DSL pricing includes GST. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Our standard terms & conditions apply. All DSL is on a 12 month contract term and early termination fees apply.

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